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Fall Brawl Results // Games Coming Up // Skater Training Program

posted Sep 16, 2016, 7:49 AM by Slim Shadow
Hey Derby Fans:

It's been a fun weekend full of roller derby action, as the Gas City Rollers took part in the 8-team clash at Wainwright known as Fall Brawl II. They were short-handed for the event, only fielding a team of 9 players. Their first draw was an early morning match against a team called the Energetic City Kill Billies who traveled all the way from Fort St. John, BC to participate. The action was intense and fierce from both ends, but in the end it came down to blocking, as they knocked our jammers silly as the Kill Billies advance with the 189-109 victory.

But our tournament wasn't over by any means. We still had to get through the 3rd place bracket. Their first challenge was the East Side Wheelers representing Indus. We were able to hand out a clobbering for our second match as the Rollers rolled away with the 201-60 win.

Next up was an early Sunday morning bout against the hosts of the tournament, Wainwright's own Highway 14 Steamrollers. Even though it was an early morning match for the girls, as they were tired and bruised from the day before, they were able to speed past the Steamrollers with the 169-76 victory.

And with that win, they advanced to the 3rd place finals against the Battlefords' Rubby Rollers. It was an intense back-and-forth matchup between the two. They exchanged blows and lead jams and all manners of derby-ness. It all came down to the last jam: Gas City was leading by a few points. All they had to do was get lead jam and run down the clock and the game was over. But the Rubby Rollers get lead jam and were able to get points against Gas City with a 5-point pass with Gas City unable to get through their initial pass. They had to get something going in order to catch up, but the jam was called off once the clock ran to zero. The Rubby Rollers take the metaphorical bronze with the 139-133 win over our Gas City rollers.

And if you are curious as to who the winner was of the whole she-bang? It was our first round opponent, the Energetic City Kill Billies who got the prize over OCRD's Dirty Harriets with a 213-137 victory.

Our thanks go out to all of our opponents and all the rest of the teams that participated. Not only that, but to all of the officials and volunteers who made this tournament a success. And lastly to the wonderful town of Wainwright for being wonderful hosts. Can't wait to see you all next year.

Games Coming Up

And with that, we also have some games coming up in the near future, actually this Saturday as the Gas City Regulators heads east on the Highway 1 to take on Swift Current's Redneck Betties.

We also have our first half of the season ready to go on our Schedule. Please keep in mind that the schedule is subject to change, but the dates will still be there.

Skater Training Program

With another season comes another batch of brave individuals willing to take on the sport that we all love: Roller derby. Could you be one of those individuals? We would like to invite you to this great sport of roller derby. We'll teach you how to skate, fall, hit and take hits, whip, assist, and all-around learn what this sport has to offer. Come in on Sunday September 25 at 2:00 PM at the Cypress Centre with five dollars, your health card, and a mouth guard so you can take your first steps to becoming a Gas City Roller. And it doesn't matter what gender you are. GCRDA is a co-ed group.